From a monthly lecture series to silent reading parties, we have plenty of activities for anyone who wants to learn something new.

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Zoë Wyllie

Zoë Wyllie



Zoë Wyllie has a background in earth sciences. She has a Bachelor of Science from Macquarie University, majoring in geophysics and palaeobiology. Zoë is currently undertaking a Masters of Research in palaeobiology, specialising in Devonian Fishes. Zoë is also involved in a range of community activities and organisations.



January – From Single Cell to Us, a Brief Recap of the History of Life. A talk to cover the basics of evolution, from single cells to multicellular organisms.

May – Consent, why education on consent is important in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

June – Two fishes, 360 Million Years Apart. How much can be determined from ancient fish behaviour from modern analogues?

July – Open Q and A – Evolution!

August – Fins to Limbs. Why your distant Aunty is a Sarcopterygian




Founder of Anti-Somnambulists – Hosting a regular lecture series and hoping to expand to other locations as well as expand into public debates and other intellectual events, the Anti-Somnambulists are about spreading information and sharing knowledge.

Xavier Walker

Xavier Walker


Xavier Walker biography WIP.




June – “Howling for Help” Wolves, their purpose, and the efforts being made to save them in the United States and beyond.

July – The Irish Language: “Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam”





Speaker Articles

To add a little more to the lectures, here are some additional notes and slides from speakers to give a bit more information.

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Recognising an Anti-Somnambulist in the Wild

Anti-Somnambulists are easy to spot in the wild if you know where to look. They congregate around drinking holes and share stories and information with one another, sometimes starting new projects or extending old ones.

The Anti-Somnambulist is concerned with the rise of anti-intellectualism and will patiently explain to you how shit works...with references and brightly coloured pictures if necessary.

Being generally as difficult to herd as cats, the Anti-Somnambulist needs quiet spaces to recoup their energy and you can occasionally find them sitting quietly in a group not talking to each other.

Unlike dangerous animals, feel free to approach the Anti-Somnambulist in the wild. Ask them what they are interested in, most importantly ask them to show you their questioning (the collective noun for Anti-Somnambulists) the results will be eye-opening.


Wild Anti-Somnambulist in Action
An Anti-Somnambulist in the wild. Photo credit: Irving Gregory/Demonic Industries

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Demonic Industries

Demonic Industries

Demonic Industries

Exploring the erotic, exemplum and extraordinary around us.

Black Arts Enterprises and The Temperance Society Bar present DEMONIC INDUSTRIES: a Series of Readings, Stories and Talk.

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The DiceStormers

We play RPGs! You enjoy! Everything from Pathfinder, Starwars D6, Call of Cthulhu, Maelstrom, Shadowrun to All flesh must be eaten.

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Zoologically Obsessed - Tumbler Blog

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ZoologicallyObsessed Blog

Written by Faelan, a 22-year old Australian transgender and gay zoologist, the ZoologicallyObsessed Tumblr blog is a MUST for any nature geek out there!

1 week ago
Hi All!

Good and Bad news...

Bad News:
Anti-Somn won't be holding Nov or Dec lectures, I think I need a break for the rest of the year.

Good News:
On that note, what does everyone think about creating an... https://t.co/D7Xm2hq58m
2 months ago

Speaker positions open for the October event!

Check us out here for more info 🙂 See you there!

https://t.co/lXuhjCbi95 https://t.co/cPid0nIBpz
2 months ago
Anti-Somnambulists – 06 – Steve.D– Didactic Potential of Games: https://t.co/QqyseJmRsf via @YouTube
2 months ago
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/QqyseJmRsf Anti-Somnambulists – 06 – Steve.D– Didactic Potential of Games

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