Our Approach

Wake up, learn a little (or a lot). Make the time to read Wikipedia, read the back of shampoo bottles and learn the ingredients. Learn something new and useless every day, learn something new and useful every day. Realise there is no useless information. Study, create, learn, share.

• Giving every person the skills to be informed
• Knowing that there are limitations on how knowledge is taught
• Finding new ways to teach and impart knowledge
• Giving back to the community by fighting for innovation and creativity
• Providing quiet spaces to learn and share

Our Story

Anti-Somnambulists started from equal parts love of knowledge and frustration. Frustration with the level of anti-intellectualism and frustration with the lack of purely knowledge-sharing activities available. We plan to change all of that, one project at a time. From Silent Reading Parties to our Lecture Series, we will inform and engage the community, in a relaxed environment...with a beer in hand.

Head Honchos

Zoe Profile photo

Zoë Wyllie

Main Organiser/Founder

Zoe has a background researching rocks. She is a dog person.

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