Want to Be a Speaker?

If you want to share what you know as a speaker then get in touch with us! Currently, we are only running in Summer Hill, Sydney although the podcast Ludus Invicta is always looking for new guests!


Email Anti-Somnambulists

Guidelines for Speakers

  • Talks will run for around 20 minutes
  • There will be a warning (five fingers held up) by the organiser when you have 5 minutes to go.
  • If you have slides for your presentation, there is a projector and laptop. If you don't wish to use slides, that is fine also.
  • If your content contains anything that might disturb members of the audience, please give a brief content warning before your talk so the audience is fully aware.
  • Always be respectful in your talk, we won't tolerate any sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or anything else that we consider offensive. Final discretion of what is deemed offensive is with the organisers.
  • When you speak, you can expect a respectful audience. Any disrespectful audience members will be asked to leave by the organisers.

Be a Better Speaker!Β 

Like any other skill, speaking and presenting can be improved with repetition. Speaking to an audience in a low-key and relaxed environment can have benefits for presentations at university, work or other public events.

There are plenty of resources out there to help with improving your speaking and presenting skills. Here are a few examples: